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*NEW* Satin Canvas Print

Small Artwork

Historic Horological Art [Rolex]

OYSTER SOUP [Rolex-Warhol]

Satin Canvas Print [Rolex]

Ink & Graphic

Painting Retrospective (1991-2014)

About / Pricing / Contact

Freelance Artist - Creative Mind

This web portfolio is meant to give a quick overview
of Cay Brøndum's paintings and mixed media artworks.

Cay Brøndum is an autodidact, Creative Mind and independent artist based in Copenhagen.

He sold his first painting in 1991 following several years as a professional illustrator and customizer.

Inspiration and snap shots follow on Instagram:

or Blogspot:

Company founded in 1993
DK-Reg. / CVR-no 17471686

Copenhagen N 2200 (appointment-only)


Print starts at:
€ 265 / USD 275

Small Artwork /Mixed Media starts at:
€ 550 / USD 580

Painting on Commissioned starts at:
€ 2.700 / USD 2.900

Large scale painting starts at:
€ 6.700 / USD 7.100

Prices are Incl. 5% Danish art VAT. - Excl. delivery.

Bank transfer


For enquiries, questions or comments, please contact:

Cay Brøndum Artwork
Copenhagen - Denmark

Call: +45 2191 8283

My-Plesure Interview: Painting (Danish)

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HODINKEE Interview: Creator Of Historic Horological Art - Cay Broendum, (US)

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My-Pleasure Interview: Rolex Mixed Media (Danish)

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All items are copyright.© Cay Brøndum.