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Historic Horological Art by Cay Broendum.

The first Historic Horological Artworks was painted in 2011 as a special series of Mixed Media artworks.
An interest in the subject TIME, combined with the facination of horologi and watch brand history, inspired to create this niche of artworks.

Historic Horological Art has been collected by private watch-collectors all over the world through years.
Some as commission artworks, other as special one-off pieces. And lately Artprints has been an option as well.

Some of the worlds finest Horological watchmakers and known watch companies has collaborated with Cay Broendum to create artworks for public and customer relations.

Read one of the first Interview from Hodinkee watch community about (Creator Of Historic Horological Art - Cay Broendum)

WEBSHOP Visit here: is a danish collaborator and distributor of watch-artprints by Cay Broendum.

All artprints are created in Denmark from original large scale paintings and mixed media artwork.

All artprint are produced in low production run.

Watch artworks displayed. Showroom / Hellerup

Unique Watches Showroom / Frederiksberg


Showroom displaying Historic horlological art by Cay Broendum.
1 Rue de la Tertasse
1204 Geneva

For boutique and/or any general editorial enquiries please email us at


Interview Historic Horological Art:

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INTERVIEW: Watches & Jewellery. September 2018. (Uret som muse) Danish

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(cay_broendum_watch_art) on Instagram HERE:

All items are copyright © by Cay Brøndum.
No parts of this site may be reproduced in any form,
without permission from Cay Brøndum.

The Artwork has no association with any Official watch producers.